Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Two dangerous philosophies affecting the Ummah

بسم الله والحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله ، وبعد

1) Denying the authenticity of the Texts when it goes against them:

Like what Shaikh al-Albaanee رحمه الله said about Yusuf al-Qaradhawi (May Allaah guide us and guide him):

He (Qaradhawi) issues Fataawa to the people which opposes the Sharee`ah. He also has a very dangerous philosophy. If something comes to him that is prohibited in the religion, he gets rid of the prohibition with his statement: “There is no conclusive evidence that forbids it.” So therefore he made music Halaal.

2) Permitting everything under the umbrella of “Difference of opinion”.

There is no denying that there are genuine issues where the scholars – past and present – have differed and there is valid difference of opinion, each group supported by evidence.

Then there are people like Yasir Qadhi, Suhaib Webb and others, who permit things by going against the Texts and about which the scholars had clearly warned against, like: permitting the Muslims to wish the Christians on Christmas.

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